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5 Inspiring Interior Design

Posted by immofyr on 22/02/2021

Are you an interior design lover?. There are a lot of inspiring interior design styles, may be dozens.

But in this post I have chosen those that in my opinion are the most modern and common.

1. Black, white and gray

Black and white inspiring interior design for 2019-opt
Elegance and duality

This is one of my two favourites home design. Like a chess board, the sense of drama comes into black and white and the last guest is gray color (different tonalities of gray). This trendy home inspiration comes to stay in the top 5 in 2019. Simple, solid and clean. Duality in itself.

2. Green is the color

Natural and fresh

Combining the green color with natural and noble materials. The white color is perfect for this interior desgin.

It feels fresh, clean and inspirational. Natural wood and its natural color gets inviting when the green color is in the room.

3. Minimalism

Less is better

When less is more. Personally I think that more is better, but not in this case. Many people loves this minimalism design, me too.

This interior design lets to get clean surfaces for a long time, less dust on the furniture. It’s a time saver, less time for cleaning and more for having fun.

4. Open concept

Diaphanous space and more light

This open concept layout is one of the most famous interior design in these days, specially in the heart of the big cities.

Less walls and more space. In addition, if the property has big windows, the result is an incredibly luminous living space.

5. Neoclassic

Luxury and sophistication

High quality and luxury finishes. High ceilings. The neoclassical style is about elegance and sophistication.

The colors in this style are generally warm colors like cream. Black and white color are used in some elements.

Silver and gold color are used to highlight the overall style.

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